Monday, February 28, 2011

February Aggregate

Here's the breakdown.

Food: 234.43
Gas/Bills: 292.19 (this includes bikes, parking, house repairs, etc...)(This also includes a drive to Louisiana and getting hit by a car on the bike)
Entertainment: 17.27 (for a student's baby shower)
Clothes: 79.53
Books: Not a damn penny.  Thanks, Henry James.
Booze: 52.42
Coffee: 5.00
School stuff: 160.68 (which includes 90 dollars of t-shirts made for Literacy Day)
Eating Out: 77.00 (this is actually created by two meals eaten out.  One was in Baton Rouge, and it covered three people, and drinks therefor.  No regrets.)
Garden: 71.18
Other: 100.00 Valentine's Day Gift

Totals: 1089.70

Days: 28

Per Day Spent: 38.92

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