Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

Stopped by the store this morning for some fruits.

Grabbed some Bun after a frustrating orientation (which had zero attendees)...

...and tipped the feller.

Got some gas, jerk.  Less than ever I'm spending on gas.  But still...

Went to Saver's looking for jars to sprout lentils.  Didn't find any that work.  So, I bought a Mexico flag, a tablecloth (for sprout jar tops), a coffee grinder (for spices), an incredible REI full size pack in great shape, and a navy blue suit with penstripes, which fits amazingly.  It's a McGregor, old, and real nice.

Jumped across the street to grab some green lentils to sprout.  I had a great conversation with Mike, who is planning on moving to Ecuador, to escape the "police state that our country has become."  I also bought some napa cabbage for kimchi, some garlic and jalapenos.

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