Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011

Today is a snow day.  I ordered some clothing online using a gift card that my students bought for me.  It was a lovely gesture.  I feel bad that they'll never be able to see me enjoying my clothing, for I bought underwear.  I was forced by JC Penney to pay tax as well as shipping, which frustrated me.  For all I got, however, the figure you see below is quite reasonable.

Paid the damn electric bill, which demonstrates our occasional use of the heating system.

Paid the damn internet bill, which I guess I'll just have to swallow, along with some cantaloupe juice.

Had to run to Fiesta for some produce.  I've got juice to juice the juice.  "I got the juice."  I got tons of stuff, including a B complex vitamin for my B12, Tom's toothpaste, Basalmic Vinegar, and Bandaids for my finger cut from today's cantaloupe juice bathroom fiasco.  Suckas.

Stopped by the Dollar Store to pick up a couple of small gifts for my students' new baby.  We're having a small baby shower tomorrow, and I aim to bring some stuff to welcome the new human to the world.

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