Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 8, 2011

Uf.  I did it this morning.  Spent it, that is.

I started the day off at Bouldin Creek Coffee Shop (the new 1900 location), and had a coffee with a refill.  I read and waited for students, none of whom made it out (no surprise) and drank about 25 cups of water.  Full service Bouldin is very strange.  The coffee and the server were both nice...
-2.50 I tipped him a little.

Headed North up Burnet for some book baskets.  Found them at Dollar Tree, along with some border for bulletin boards.

Continued North and stopped off at Recycled Reads.  I've decided that each time I get paid, I'm allowed to go there and pick up ten dollars worth of books.  This was a miserable failure.
-27.00 (keep in mind this bought me about 65 books, so hush!)

Continued North on Burnet and hit MGM Indian market, for some dal, fenugreek, ginger, and some other sundries and spices.  Also grabbed a samosa to eat with my cauliflower at home.

From here, I swung over to Lamar and stopped off at Ace Mart Restaurant to get some baskets for fruit for the classrooms.  I saw 11,000 dollars worth of stuff that I would love to have someday, especially in a school...

...and because the lady was out of pennies, she gave me a little too much change.

Finally, and I hope this means finally, I stopped at Wheatsville coop for some bagels to eat in the morning.  Portland ruined me, because now I want bagels nearly constantly.  Rockstar bagels, buy 5 get 1 free.  Helluva deal.

So, I bought some beers on the way to Nick's place...

...and Nick reimbursed me for his beers.

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