Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011

Stopped at the Mrs. Bairds' Bakery Outlet on Tillery and got some bagels.  They're these little bagels called "Thin," which seemingly has come out of people's newfound fear of carbs.  They suck worse than anything in the world.  I know what happens, too, to the people trying to avoid carbs: they eat one of these, along with sandwich stuff (mayonnaise, ham, cheese, etc...bacon probably), their stomach doesn't feel full, so they eat two more of the same, thereby doubling the carb intake overall.  Take a normal bagel, sit on it, scrape all the herbs and seeds from it, leave it out for a week, and serve with a shit-eating grin.  I'm not a bagel connoisseur by any means, though that might be a nice time, but these are another animal.  A terrible animal.  Enough of that, they were cheap.


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