Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8, 2010

Ate some pho at Oanh...

...and tipped the guy.

Ripped Half Price Books for all they were worth. Actually, they kicked my ass. Here's what I found, including Infinite Jest!: If Teachers Were Free by Richard Renfield, A Modern Art Education by Rudolf Steiner, Education: Free and Compulsory by Murray N. Rothbard, The Neon Wilderness, The Man with the Golden Arm, A Walk on the Wild Side by Nelson Algren, Gender and Development by Janet Henshall Momsen, A Letter to Teachers by Vito Perrone, Hawksmoor by Peter Akroyd, Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch, Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington: Understanding Political Doublespeak Through Philosophy and Jokes by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein, If On A Winter's Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino, Labyrinths by Jose Luis Borges, The New Advocate: For Those Involved With Young People and Their Literature, The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America by David Horowitz, The Dictionary of Texas Misinformation, Cassel's German English Dictionary, Small World by David Lodge, The Novel and the Police by D.A. Miller, The Lone Ranger and Tonta Fist Fight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie, Ask the Dust by John Fante, Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, Mostly True: Collected Stories and Drawings by Brian Andreas, Falling Man by Don DeLillo, The Prince by Machiavelli, The Fourth Angel by John Rechy, Through the Safety Net by Charles Baxter, Power in Modern Societies by Marvin E. Olsen and Martin N. Marger, Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, July 7th by Jill McCorkle, The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce, Brownsville by Oscar Casares, Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdinand CĂ©line, Programs of Early Education: The Constructivist View by Rheta DeVries and Lawrence Kohlberg.

Ate some food at India Star...

...and tipped the guy.

Stopped by HEB for some stuff on the way home.

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